Benchmarking - how do you compare?

29 August 2017 by Ahmed Eltohamy

This year’s membership benchmarking report by Sue Froggatt has now been published and it contains some really interesting insights.


Looking through it, it’s clear that membership organisations are more aware than ever of how technology can help them improve the membership experience.

CRM aware

When asked what the greatest challenges are, it’s interesting to see how many of the answers are technology based. ‘Improving our membership database/CRM system’ is the third highest challenge, which speaks volumes to us in how the membership sector has evolved.

Member organisations recognise the importance of a good CRM in helping them engage with members.

Data dilemmas

50% of those surveyed also identified the challenge of getting insight from data - they may have the data but not in a way that allows them to learn anything from it. It’s even higher when you look at individual-only membership organisations - building a 360° picture of an individual is, of course, different to building one of a company.

Seeing this challenge appear on the list is a huge step forward, a few years ago it would’ve simply been about gathering data but now membership bodies recognise the key to increasing and retaining membership levels is in its existing data. Data mining is the new challenge.

A focus on integration

46% of those surveyed cited ‘integrating systems so they talk to each other’ as an issue to overcome. At smartimpact we agree. We believe integration is key to getting the most out of your technology investment and understanding your members better.

The integration of systems leads to data being stored in one place and that data shared by all systems. It makes it easier to maintain that data (solving the data quality issue) and identify trends (get insight). 

Integration helps solve all other data challenges…


There’s much more to the report than numbers and it’s a great opportunity to see how you compare to fellow organisations in the sector. You can get a copy from Sue Froggatt’s website»

And, if you didn’t get involved this year, why not make a resolution to get involved next year?