Exploring Dynamics 365 for Talent

13 December 2018 by Naresh Raj

Do you need an employee centric solution that takes your common HR functions and brings them together in a meaningful way for both your managers, HR staff and your prospective and current employees? Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent might be the answer for you.


It’s a module within MS Dynamics 365, which is CRM and Member Management software that is capable of growing as you do. You can add on modules and advanced add-ons as and when you’re ready to handle a certain business process within it, without the need for a new Membership CRM Software. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is a cloud-based Human Capital Management solution that provides a joined-up view of your most valuable asset in your organisation – your people.

What are the main benefits of Dynamics 365 for Talent?

  • It comes with all the usual advantages of Microsoft – familiar look and feel, easy to use, integrated to apps you use daily and good value for money
  • It's ideal for smaller organisations (without dedicated HR resource) but scalable for much larger organisations as well. This potentially makes it a very useful solution for typical membership organisations – complex organisations with limited time and capacity
  • It ensures you have happy, engaged employees that stick around, and more importantly it minimises recruitment fees!

Dynamics 365 for Talent has three functional areas:

Attract – find and hire the right staff:

  • the hiring process by bringing candidates in, finding the right one, and moving them onto onboarding
  • collaboration across hiring teams
  • transparency and communication with candidates
  • how quickly you find candidates and import their data from their LinkedIn profiles through the integration with LinkedIn Recruiter
  • and streamline the scheduling and automation of notifications to candidates and recruitment teams

Onboard – build loyalty and get staff productive, fast:

  • personalising your comms for pre-onboarding and onboarding for new recruits
  • defining a structured induction process
  • sharing to-do lists, as well as items such ordering stationary or laptops
  • sharing welcome packs and other resources
  • setting up meetings with internal staff
  • giving managers and HR staff visibility of new employee or new recruit milestones, such as induction training

HR – efficient and flexible staff management:

  • employees take ownership of their own data via self-service, for example, update their personal information including certifications and helps them monitor their progress against goals
  • employees/managers go into performance reviews better prepared
  • reduce manager/HR time and effort spent on routine activities, such as managing holiday
  • generate reports, for example for leave and absence, compensation and benefits and long-term incentives, such as stock offerings or cash awards
  • provide a flexible and mobile framework for defining absence management process
  • employees request holiday and managers can approve from anywhere
  • create leave and absence plans and determine how much has been accrued and granted

What will Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent do for you?

  • find the right people
  • get new recruits integrated and involved with your culture, and in turn contributing quicker
  • employee engagement – this system helps empower your employees to take ownership of their own development
  • HR processes

Finally, it also gives senior management visibility of the skills within your organisation and help identify or fill any gaps for future strategic objectives

How much does Dynamics 365 for Talent cost?

At £30.20 per user per month and £6.00 per user per month for employees, it's really good value.

Not ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent just yet?

Download this free Talent onboarding checklist to help strengthen your onboarding process and help you engage and retain top talent.