How to use member intelligence to keep your members and board happy

18 October 2019 by Lauren Smith

Our digital transformation solutions can help you understand your members better, target them more effectively and keep them happy. This can help you to meet your strategic objectives and ultimately keep your board happy too, and who doesn’t want that?
Attend our session on 31st October at this year’s
Digital Excellence conference to understand how our intelligent connected platform is designed to support all key areas of membership organisations. Our CEO, Ahmed Eltohamy, will take you through:

  • An overview of Microsoft Dynamics. Powerful platforms can look complex if you aren’t sure where to start.

There’s lots to read around Dynamics 365 CRM but what does it look like and how does it work? We’ll show you around and make it easy for you.

  • How to create dashboards using Microsoft’s Power BITurn your data into powerful member insights within minutes.

Power BI can help you find patterns to inform future business decisions. For example, it can help you understand your members better by showing you exactly how, when and where they’re interacting with you to get to the why. Once you know the why – you can act accordingly, or get Dynamics to act for you, automatically.

  • Our smartengagement module. Are your members about to leave you? We’ll help you find out plus much more.

Understand at a glance how engaged your members are with your organisation.

Our intelligent engagement module tells you how engaged or disengaged your members are. Our module gives your members an engagement score which is calculated using many detailed factors including how happy or unhappy your members sound when they email you, how often they engage with you via social media or your members portal.

For example, if your members haven’t logged into your 'Members Only Area' for the past 10 months – you might want to check in with them or offer them some incentives to stay before they decide to leave you and don’t renew their annual membership.

All this intelligence across each of your member profiles allows you to target them accordingly, which in turn could help you increase your member engagement and retention levels.

  • An insight into member profiles. Get closer to your members by understanding them better.

The more you understand your members through all the intelligence you can gather in one single view in Dynamics, the easier it will be to send them the right message, at the right time with something beneficial to them.

Once you understand them better, you’ll be in a good position to build personas and profiles for your members and engage with them according to what you know about them.

You could build personas based on your members’ job titles, job industries, age range, how long they’ve been a member of your organisation plus much more.

Let’s talk about Dave.
Dave’s 44, he’s a Senior Manager and a member of your organisation. Dave and his peers (similar personas in this industry and age range) are likely to have next to no time on their hands. Dave doesn’t use social media. He’s never logged into your member portal, but he’s been a member for 24 years. Dave is likely to appreciate short and simple emails from you that get to the point quickly using facts and figures which only appear in his email when it is relevant. And don’t bombard Dave with marketing emails as you are likely to annoy him which could lead to him becoming an unhappy disengaged member and unsubscribe from your emails.

Jane’s a bit different so engage with her differently…
Jane.jpegJane’s 23, she’s an Administrative Assistant, and a member of your organisation. Jane and her peers (similar personas in this industry and age range) have a fair bit of time on their hands outside of work. Jane loves social media and she logs into your member portal at least once a week! She also attends most of your events. So, with this in mind Jane is likely to appreciate the communications you send her through digital channels such as email as well as a more personalised approach through offline channels for example, an event invitation through the post that she may take the time to read whilst in the office.

  • How to use Microsoft Flow to drastically increase your teams’ productivity

This powerful workflow automation can be built directly into your apps with a no-code approach that connects to popular apps and services.

Use Microsoft Flow to guide your users through specific processes – great for new starters, and for enforcing best practice.

This can improve your productivity levels as no time is wasted trying to work out complex processes.

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