New Social Insights in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

11 December 2013 by smartimpact team

In all the Dynamics CRM 2013 hubbub about the new look and feel, extra functionality, ease of use, business process tracking, and so on, one announcement that we at smartimpact think is really interesting has gone rather unnoticed.


About ten years ago my firm pioneered the idea of providing tailored CRM systems ready-installed with key data for your particular industry. To do this, we built integration between the various CRM systems our customers were then using – Pivotal, SalesLogix, Siebel etc – with a range of data sources which from memory included OneSource, Hemington-Scott, and Bloomberg amongst others. At that time, integration was harder work than today, and data was not cheap, and so this idea caught on mostly with large enterprise customers. Even at those necessarily high prices, it did, however, give them really cost effective benefits.

Well now Microsoft has brought this idea right up to date and made it available to users in all sizes of organisation. In a remarkable step forwards, they have embedded InsideView, a leading social intelligence provider, into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and called it Social Insights. And it is free of charge. Yes, that read FREE OF CHARGE.

InsideView scans thousands of news sources, legal & financial information social media sites, and many other public and private sources of company and contact information, which it combines to provide a powerful data feed about the industries and firms that their customers are interested in.

Social Insights thus puts real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helping marketing, sales and account management professionals engage really effectively with prospects to win more deals as a result of less time spent researching and more time selling.

This brings so many advantages – with this you can easily:

  1. Get warm introductions by identifying relationships between prospects, customers, colleagues and even previous employees, from within Dynamics CRM
  2. Build marketing lists using accurate contact information for targets in your specific industry
  3. Receive alerts about your clients’ management changes, mergers & acquisitions, contract awards and other business events, so you are always up to date before you speak to them
  4. Make sure that your data contains clean, accurate, up-to-date contact details

Social Insights has been available as of 30th October 2013, at no additional cost, to all CRM Online Professional Edition users, starting with customers in the United States followed by a global rollout in 2014.

Currently InsideView will be provided directly with CRM online, but if you are an on-premise user, you can still get a subscription directly from InsideView and get similar benefits from a wide range of accurate sets of data.