Putting the ‘R’ into CRM

08 December 2016 by Naresh Raj

Like many people nowadays, the nature of our jobs at smartimpact means we spend a fair amount of time sat at our desks hunched over a laptop. But it’s always good to get out and about, meet people to talk about association management software, and share best practice - putting the ‘R’ into CRM, if you like.


Which is why, last week, it was great to attend this year’s Associations Congress both as exhibitors and speakers. The event, organised by the Association of Association Executives and now in its 10th year, is the largest two-day event exclusively for the membership associations sector. With over 180 attendees over the period it was certainly a busy time for us, meeting new membership bodies and re-connecting with existing clients.

But it’s not all about ‘pressing the flesh’ and escaping the office. Attending events supports one of our cores belief of educating the membership community about CRM best practice. It also gives us a great opportunity to learn what issues are concerning member professionals most.

At the Congress, smartimpact's Managing Director Ahmed Eltohamy gave an expert briefing on measuring member engagement. The session looked at how membership organisations can measure a) how involved members are and b) identify to what extent members are taking advantage of their benefits. The aim of all this measuring is to predict sentiment and satisfaction and identify ways to improve that satisfaction. 

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We will be speaking again about member engagement as part of our Digitally Transform Your Membership series of seminars in 2017...more on that in another blog.

Back to the Congress...if you’ve not attended this event it is well worth attending in future as there were numerous excellent talks throughout and it was the ideal opportunity for membership professionals to discuss what the areas of interest are for membership organisation right now and how they are being addressed through insightful processes and innovative supportive systems.

From our point of view, these events work - we always make some great connections - and I think it is also a great opportunity for membership professionals to learn new skills and ways in which to better serve their members.

Hope to see you there next year!