Risks of not integrating your system

11 December 2018 by Lauren Smith

In our last blog post, Naresh spoke about system integration and why it’s so important. But what are the dangers and risks involved in not integrating? Lack of integration means your data is highly likely to be kept in silos and you may risk the following:


Lack of valuable insights

Greater access to data and maximising insights from it can keep your organisation ahead of the curve and lead to you reaping the rewards of better member engagement, improved decision-making and a more productive organisation. Those who fail to do this may find themselves faced with an uphill struggle to compete.

Data confusion

Data often ends up stored in multiple places, which leads to inaccuracies and duplication of data and effort.

Member disengagement

If your organisation is too difficult to deal with – members may become frustrated and potentially leave. If a member doesn’t feel valued by your organisation, for example, you don’t recognise them when they contact you or send them relevant communications based on their wants and needs – they’re more likely to become disengaged.

Internal disengagement

Too much time and effort spent on repetitive and time-wasting administration can cause real frustrations amongst staff and ultimately reduce the time available to benefit members. An example of this is manually updating spreadsheets and manually uploading other systems with the data to try and get different data segments in one place.

Does any of this sound familiar?

…you aren’t alone. London School of Economics recently commissioned a survey of information technology decision-makers across US and UK businesses with 500 employees or more to examine data ambitions, investment plans, and return-on-investment (ROI) expectations. Around three-quarters (74%) of respondents believe their organisation has more data than ever but they are struggling to use it to help generate useful business insights.

Furthermore, only two percent of the respondents considered their business to be completely effective at data sharing and for the rest, data silos are a real problem.

Whilst the logic that more data means greater and more valuable business insights – the research suggests that many businesses don’t have a suitable strategy, or the technological infrastructure such as CRM for membership, needed to realise the true benefits of this.

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