What members want and expect

23 November 2018 by Lauren Smith

Your members now expect more from you than ever thanks to the likes of Amazon, Uber and JustEat to name just a few. Consumers can get goods, taxis and food all at the tip of their fingers and a click of a button – literally. Amazon is renowned for its 1-Click service, Uber can get a taxi to your location in as little as two minutes and JustEat will deliver food to your door just as quick (almost!).


The result of this digital transformation across industries is that your members now expect an enhanced level of service from all the organisations they invest time or money in, and that includes your association. You might not be able to create the same level of exceptional service and ease for your members as the large, B2C brands can, as it can be a lot easier to do this when you are offering a consumer product or a one-off service. However, there are ways to compete with the aim of delighting your members across all touch points.

  • Discover what your members want and use it to cut through the noise

You’ll never know exactly what everyone wants from you at each point in the member lifecycle, but membership management software has made this easier than ever for you to get close. By putting marketing materials, content and resources in front of your members with attention grabbing headlines that resonate with those individuals, you are much more likely to get them to take the action it is that you require. As consumers, we’re swamped with marketing emails and adverts ‘targeted’ towards us so the need to cut through the noise is bigger than ever. This can be done through personalisation of your communications. It was my birthday recently and I received many emails which said, ‘Happy Birthday’ but the only one I opened was the well-known fashion brand who emailed me with the subject line: ‘Happy Birthday Lauren!’ and I ignored, in fact I unsubscribed from the retailer that emailed me with 'Happy Birthday Laura'. It goes without saying that personalisation isn’t new but so many brands still have not nailed this in 2018. Get it wrong and you may as well have not bothered – in fact, you are doing more harm to your brand than good. However, used correctly, it’s a great place to start when it comes to member management and engagement.

So, where do you start with discovering what your members want? You can do this through creating segments and personas.

Dynamics 365 CRM is extremely helpful in completing this task. It allows you to divide your audience into manageable groups. You can use the power of advanced finds, views, and dynamic marketing lists to dive through the data you hold to determine what your members have in common. By doing this, you can then create segments and personas that will help you target your members appropriately (and get personalisation correct!) and send them the right message, at the right time through the right channel.

  • Get creative and think out of the box

Abila carried out a Membership Engagement Study in recent years which looked at member engagement by generation. Check out the image below which brings to life ‘what keeps members most engaged’ by generation – so perhaps this is an idea worth considering when looking at your member data and how you could develop personas and segments.

Members Engagement
  • Once you know what your members want – make the experience as seamless as possible and easy for them to:
  • search your website –  and get the information they want quickly,
  • contact you – have member support specialists ready to chat via social media, chat bots on your website/app and/or a telephone line. People don’t want or have time to wait for an email back these days,
  • interact with other members – whether that be registering for a physical event, attending a webinar or talking with other members via a member portal.  

The end goal should be that any barriers for your members to communicate with you or to get what they are looking for quickly have been removed, to ultimately deliver the best possible member experience and have the best chance at competing with the big brands out there that are re-defining customer experience.

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