Hi everyone.
We are currently updating our LinkedIn profile banners… you can of course use your own or choose from some of the new, vibrant company-branded options below. Or, if you prefer, send me your own image; we'll add the branding and send it back to you (see the ‘personalised’ option below).
Many thanks, Ahmed.
Profile banner image - example of how it looks in LinkedIn
/Site/media/Media/Images/LinkedIn banners/Ahmed-banner.png

Banner downloads

Download your preferred banner and upload them to your LinkedIn profile. They are the correct size and resolution.

/Site/media/Media/Images/LinkedIn banners/smartimpact-LinkedIn-generic.png
/Site/media/Media/Images/LinkedIn banners/Statement-LinkedIn-banner.png
/Site/media/Media/Images/LinkedIn banners/Dynamics-LinkedIn-banner.png
/Site/media/Media/Images/LinkedIn banners/smartapps-LinkedIn-banner.png
/Site/media/Media/Images/LinkedIn banners/Anniversary-LinkedIn-banner.png


If you would your own image to be added, please fill in the form below and upload your image - we'll add the company branding and send it back to you. See the gallery below for examples of personalised banners.

Make sure the image is big enough (don't send tiny images).



/Site/media/Media/Images/LinkedIn banners/Phil-Clayton-LinkedIn-banner.png

Phil Clayton (Head of Creative) - image is of a website design system