Drive excellence through education and CPD

As competition increases and students' expectations rise, modern digital solutions are a must if you want to innovate your teaching and learning experience and grow student engagement.
Our smartapps enable you to meet the rising expectations of your members whilst also enhancing your reputation and reach. 

Managing multiple systems

If you have multiple systems to manage administrative operations and drive member retention, you’ll know this adds a lot of extra work you could do without.

Our smartapps will integrate with and control disparate systems to simplify processes, reduce manual tasks, and address challenges such as:

  • Offering relevance to millennials to attract and engage, while also addressing the needs of all other members
  • Enabling multi-tiered pricing and discounted products and services
  • Attracting, onboarding and keeping young members for the long term

We enable your members to easily progress their training and career through signposting their optimal path, tracking and managing the events they need to attend, progressing their qualifications, automating CPD booking, and reporting all relevant information back to them.

Solutions for institutes

We received a lot of guidance, reassurance and steering all through the project from smartimpact's project team. They consistently went above and beyond the call of duty.

Chief Technology Officer, RTPI