With smartconnector, you can quickly integrate all your key business systems and get that important data into your CRM membership system. And it makes continued integration easy if you upgrade or replace any of them.

Benefits for you and your members

You want a thorough understanding of your members via a 360° membership view in one place.

smartconnector makes reliable integration easy. It is a configurable no-code environment that maps the data normally fragmented across various systems. When one system is upgraded or replaced, you simply update the mapping.

And it is really reliable - it has managed tens of millions of transactions over the last ten years. Integrating your systems with smartconnector gives your staff all the information they need, in one place.

It will also allow your members a lot of self-service freedom; to book events, renew their subscription online, sign up for tailored emails, change their contact details and much, much more.

smartconnector can connect to most common systems including:

  • Websites and content management systems
  • Event management systems such as EventBrite
  • Finance systems such as Sage, QuickBooks, Xero and Access Dimensions
  • Online learning management systems such as Moodle
  • Collaboration and engagement portals such as Higher Logic, Hivebrite, and Microsoft Teams
  • Qualifications and e -assessment systems such as Calibrand, Kahoot, Google Forms and Microsoft Forms

All of a sudden, a 360° membership view sounds much easier, doesn’t it?