This fits in nicely with our modular approach to delivering our solutions. Our mantra, and the advice we usually give our clients is, " Focus only on what you need now, and then build from there ".

Full end-to-end digital transformation

A full digital transformation project isn’t for everyone. And what does digital transformation really mean anyway?

In our books, it means ensuring your back-end and front-end systems work as one to meet your needs, and sometimes this means a complete overhaul of both at the same time.

We can do that. However, first we really evaluate and understand, to agree the best path before setting off.


CRM and website health-check

New doesn’t necessarily mean better. We work with you to really figure out if your current systems are fit for purpose, and where you are in your technology journey.

We do this rapidly via focussed reviews of your current CRM, membership, fundraising and website systems.


Rescue and relaunch

It’s a sad fact, but unfortunately many projects can go wrong, and often they do. This is why we have our rescue and re-launch service.

This involves us coming in, quickly identifying what has gone wrong, what can be re-used (there’s no point throwing the baby out with the bathwater), and then working with you to plan what needs to be done to reach your end goals and objectives.


Rapid delivery

In any of our projects, once we’ve fully scoped your requirements, we can get started pretty quickly. Our modular suite of smartapps can be implemented efficiently and seamlessly.

These help us take away a lot of the pain projects often involve, especially via our smartconnector, which takes a lot of the risk and cost out of integrations with your existing systems and website.


Remote delivery

Because of our international projects, we were used to remote working pre-Covid, but recent projects have enabled us to really perfect our skills to deliver workshops, system build sprints, user testing and even go-lives remotely.

The quality of service, skills and approach are exactly the same as you would expect from our in-person delivery service.


Move from legacy systems

It can seem overwhelming to move from a very old, outdated legacy system or spreadsheets, but this is the area in which we really thrive.

We provide the vital education and wraparound care to help you get the most from this often difficult journey. We’re used to modernising technology for our clients, and we deliver in manageable chunks that fit around your day-to-day working.


Support services

Once the system is working, we don’t stop there. In fact, a lot of the benefit is delivered after go-live.

Our support services range from the usual helpdesk service through product enhancements to continuous business improvement. Our consultants will help you to evaluate, monitor and suggest ways to keep the technology driving you forwards.

smartimpact had a good reputation generally but especially on integration. There were lots of risks involved in us wanting to integrate so many systems but smartimpact were brilliant working with us on those, especially in the finance area.
Business Development Director, Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP)