By building our products on the leading technologies, we ensure the solutions we deliver to our clients are also future-proofed and flexible.
That’s why we work with like-minded, innovative partners like Microsoft, Kentico and Umbraco to help us to deliver a world-class client experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

We became a Microsoft Gold partner in 2011. Our projects and expertise have continuously earnt us this highest certification within Microsoft's partnership program.

But what does this really mean for our clients? It means that we provide you with industry-leading end-to-end solutions that work right across your business, continually enhanced through twice-yearly releases.

We combine innovative, cutting-edge solutions with deep sector experience. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, our CRM solutions will provide you with a 360° view of your members, so you better understand their needs and can personalise your interactions with them.

Drive more engagement, improve retention, personalise communications and provide a consistently excellent service.



At the heart of our web system is Kentico, the only fully integrated membership CMS, e-commerce and marketing solution.

Kentico is a great platform for membership and non-profit organisations because it allows customers to easily manage their website, online communities and marketing activities in a fast and efficient way, designed to give a fully optimised and personalised experience for members, donors, customers, supporters and volunteers.

Kentico's rich online marketing tools allow you to create personalised content for visitors to your website from their first visit, even before you know who they are. This is fantastic for driving engagement and enticing them along the journey to registering and full membership.

Using our smartconnector integration, the data, analytics and activities recorded on your website are automatically available to the Dynamics membership CRM system to give you full 360° reporting capabilities in one place.


Umbraco is a leading CMS platform, powering over 500,000 websites worldwide and hugely popular in membership and NFP organisations.

It is available as a free, open source version which suits most needs that we come across, and this can be upgraded to a great-value paid-for system if you need specific additional functionality. It is very flexible, makes content management easy, simple and friendly, and so keeps your marketing staff and members extremely happy.

And of course it has great technical SEO and on page SEO so your rankings in search engines mean all your great content can be easily found by your target audiences.

Umbraco even makes translating content so much easier via Language Variants functionality where your source and target content is kept in parallel and shown side by side as you create it.


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Many organisations use third-party special-purpose bulk emailers, but Dynamics Marketing offers so much more. It is often cheaper, too. Forget needing to export lists, contacts and tracking - it comes ready-integrated.

It is already part of our Membership CRM, so no need to segment, export, then test the content. All open, clickthrough and other behavioural info is immediately available at the contact and campaign level in your Dynamics system.

Plus all subscription, consent and GDPR options are managed from one place - your online membership system - just as it should be.

Any behavioural response can immediately trigger follow up actions via workflows within Dynamics. It really helps you turn any engagement action into members. And last but not least, it supports full Member Journeys so you can drive contacts from a target list to your web site, to engagement, to full membership, and then up your value chain to ambassadors and advocates.

Dynamics Marketing is like having a department full of really focussed, really knowledgeable marketing staff, available 24/7 to any members anywhere in the world.


Microsoft Power BI and Dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has an extensive range of reports, and these can be taken to a new level of visualisation using Power BI.

Even better, Power BI can sit across multiple systems and combine data without the need for us or you to have integrated the databases – so you can provide cross-system reports and dashboards tailored to each person or role in your organisation.

The system will alert them to see what they need to see to do a great job, without clutter or distraction. Imagine a working day where your systems enable you to delight your members and hit all your KPIs, every day.


Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps are the building blocks of Microsoft Dynamics 365; Dynamics Sales and Customer Service modules are pre-packaged solutions made from them.

But many users don’t need the full functionality Dynamics provides. Microsoft Power Apps often provide a more cost-effective licensing option, for instance for typical users that run Courses or Exams, Fundraising or Grants processing. Power Apps will usually enable them to do all they need, at a fraction of the cost of a Dynamics licence.

Power Apps come in two categories - licensing a user for an individual app or to run unlimited apps. By converting our customers to this model where appropriate, we have reduced their licencing costs by up to 70%.

We’re confident our relationship with smartimpact will continue to be a fruitful one. We’re glad we have invested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a platform - it truly is technology that can grow and develop as your business does.

Head of Project Management Office, Bar Council