Manage your donors, members, volunteers, supporters and beneficiaries

Increase fundraising and commercial income with modern tech.

From environmental and health charities, to arts, culture and international NGOs, we ensure you have the right digital tech and communication tools in place to widen your reach and the people you touch.


Fundraising is more challenging than ever, due to cost cutting, changing regulations (including GDPR), increased competition and higher donor expectations.

Therefore, whether you are a large or small charity, it’s vital to have efficient tech to optimise your fundraising focus, find new ways to nurture your existing donors, attract new funds and reduce costs.

Solutions for charities and fundraisers

smartimpact showed impressive commitment, a lot of patience, provided a lot of guidance and took the time to give our staff a good understanding of what Dynamics and their smartapps can do to help us become a Chartered Institute.

Director of Membership and  Professional Development, The Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIOF)