smartgrants enables your grants process to become much more collaborative and focussed on clear outcomes. Applicants and staff can see progress at a glance and respond to alerts and deadlines in plenty of time. 

With smartgrants you can:

  • Create and track funds
  • Publish program and accept online applications
  • Assess eligibility automatically or manually
  • Provide a full audit trail of grant applications, decision making, ongoing grant management, monitoring and correspondence
  • Manage single and multiple payments
  • Integrate with your finance system
  • Build monitoring and reporting dashboards
  • Online applications and triage
  • Eligibility checking and allocation to most suitable case handler & panel
  • Move through the stages with approval gates and KPI tracking
  • Set up and execute payment profile
  • Schedule any follow-up checks
  • Filter by location, regions, fund, grant programme and award
  • Full interactive portal for progress reporting, q&a and payment tracking
  • Internal impact reporting tools to help you track, measure and illustrate the impact of your grant.