Managing group members and the communication between them can be a challenging, often manual task. Volunteer members often get bogged down in admin, rather than driving the group, so role tenure is often short.
smartgroups takes the pain away. It makes it easy to manage group members and roles, periods of tenure, permissions for online collaboration, different communication channels for different roles, and integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook for tasks, collaboration, file sharing, calendars and communications.

Actively manage group members

Group members change and setting your systems up so you can communicate with them is a time-consuming job.

smartgroups takes the drudgery away - automatic integration with Outlook and Teams means you can easily manage multiple group member roles with different permissions and communication options, automatically activate and deactivate group membership based on configurable rules, and manage elections if you have them.


Effective meetings through sharing documents and information

Microsoft Office has great efficiency tools we all use internally.

smartgroups enables your members to use the same tools to run SIGs and committees. It means they can send meeting invitations using a drag and drop calendar, store group documents, meeting notes and actions in one place, distribute papers, record attendance and meeting activities, including sharing records and minutes.

smartgroups takes care of the admin; you and your members can focus on group excellence.

Manage the financial aspect of groups too

The final admin part for groups is managing group income, funds and paid group subscriptions.

smartgroups takes care of that as well, including group member expenses.