Dynamics 365 customer service cases

If you run investigations, audits, or manage general enquiries and complaints, Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Service has great case management capabilities.

But, as it uses what is called a ‘restricted entity’ within Dynamics, it means users have to have a full Dynamics licence, which costs more than using the inexpensive Power Apps licences that most users can have.

smartimpact case handling and management

However, like using only some of Microsoft Word, most organisations only need a few of the functions that Dynamics Customer Service provides. So for them, we have smartcases.

This is a smartimpact app which does case set up, handles data files and documents, manages rigorous security, drives progression through workflows, allocates tasks to internal and external users, and provides instant status reporting to all stakeholders.

Saves you money on software licences

But crucially, there is no use of restricted entities, so smartcases users can use the same inexpensive Power Apps licences as the other users. You get great case management, but at a fraction of the normal cost.