Whether your courses are mandatory or not, or whether they’re a single event or hierarchical structure, smarteducation means you can manage student enrolments, intakes, apps, units and tutors’ assignment - as well as courses, exams and assessments. And it integrates to all the leading training systems to provide the courses and exams as well.

Manage all people involved in your education programme

There are lots of stakeholders involved, and smarteducation means you can manage students, tutors, examiners, mentors and mentees as well as their interrelationships.

And vitally for students it manages enrolments and application deadlines.

Control your course programme content

With smarteducation your members can plan their career development. 

You decide which units are mandatory or optional, provide the instruction, manage assessments and re-sits, grades and grades-sets, all financial aspects of courses and qualifications,and provide comprehensive analysis and reporting of candidates, apps, venues and timetables.