Should you fix your current CRM system or replace it?

Take our 5-minute health check to find out…

At smartimpact, we often see systems that stop developing after implementation. Once live, it is easy to lose sight of the reasons you got a CRM system in the first place, and whether you are still getting the many benefits it should be providing.

Our Membership Health Check enables you to measure current benefits, identify what others you should be getting, and map out how to realise them in the future. And it can help you get the best return on investment from your system by:

  • Understanding how well your staff are using your CRM system
  • Identifying potential gaps, weaknesses, wish-lists and additional requirements
  • Planning what support and training your staff currently receive – and need!
  • Evaluating your current systems, interfaces, workflows and processes
  • Understanding whether improvement or replacement is the best option
  • Understanding the viability and cost benefits of the best option
Think of your Health Check as a temperature gauge of how well you are delivering your membership services and engaging effectively with your members.

Perfect for non-profits who are unsure what to do next.

The smartimpact Membership Health Check is a fast-track (and free) way to understand the health of your CRM and to make sure your business is tuned to get the most from your investment in people, processes and technology. 

Investing in your CRM system demonstrates a commitment and desire to understand better the relationships that keep your organisation ticking. However, you can undermine all of this if you don’t invest in the key areas – which a health check on your management systems will highlight.

The world of digital business is endlessly changing. It’s the nature of the internet that things move fast and change quickly, and in the same way that you keep up with trends in your industry, you need to stay on top of your CRM improvement. Our health check service allows you to do just that.

Unhappy or unsure if your current CRM is delivering what you need?

Take 5 minutes to complete your Membership Health Check. We’ll look into 4 key areas of your organisation – member experience, data, software systems and processes.

At the end of the health check, you will receive an easy-to-interpret report which summarises our findings about whether your CRM system is running at optimum performance and if you are using your organisation’s data and processes to your full advantage to support your objectives.