Services, systems and engagement options for increasingly demanding members

In our personal lives we expect providers to be responsive, personalised and instant – even for the most trivial product or service.

This has created a generation of members who are asking why they don’t get the same thing from their membership body? And then voting with their feet.

Meanwhile, membership bodies are struggling to understand what the modern version of ‘good’ looks like (never mind what ‘great’ looks like), how much to spend on getting there and where to start.

About the webinar

In this webinar we showcased some examples of ‘great’ and ‘good’ modern membership management and engagement to:

  • Examine what really works in modern service delivery, digital engagement channels and “proving the value” to members
  • What matters for member communications and development (and where to spend your money to get the most impact)
  • How to get started from where you are now, and what it will take to get there

The webinar will be interactive and includes a Q&A session where delegates can engage with their peers to discuss their experiences and challenges of modernising in the current membership environment.

Webinar recording

Event details

Type: Webinar

Date: Thursday 26th May

Time: 9.30-10.30am

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