Phoenix rises from the flames for the FIA’s membership CRM

The FIA had a hard decision to make about their CRM system. The project to replace their existing Integra system with Microsoft Dynamics had stalled when it was at the three-quarter stage, due to the supplier pulling out of the market.

The FIA’s dilemma was to start again or find a firm who could pick up the incomplete software and continue the work. Luckily, they were introduced to smartimpact who rescued the partially built system and then consolidated it as a platform on which to base future business strategy.

This included integration with the association’s website CMS (which was also upgraded and revitalised) and email marketing platform, allowing them to better target their member email communications.

Functionality and improvements the FIA now has at its fingertips includes:

  • Membership management & fulfilment
  • Sales analysis & reports with real-time dashboards
  • Training course sales process streamlined
  • Integration with their e-commerce website
  • Dynamic email content / personalisation via dotmailer integration

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