If you are looking for membership management software, you are in the right place!

smartmembership is the core module in our association management software solution for membership organisations, professional associations and regulatory bodies. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its foundation, smartmembership provides our customers with a central source for all their member data & activity, making it a true membership CRM system and not just membership database software. Analytics and dashboards help you manage membership engagement and improve member retention.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your membership management software gives a 360° view of each member, helping you identify personas by better understanding their needs and engagement with your organisation.

Knowing this allows you to personalise your member communications and provide a consistent service no matter which department is liaising with the member. Microsoft Dynamics for membership means everyone of your staff can have access to the same information.

smartmembership shares data seamlessly with all out other modules such as smartevents and smartcms. And, when integrated with your other business systems and web sites using our advanced smartconnector, this membership management software will contribute greatly to the smooth running of your organisation, dramatically reducing manual effort so you can focus on better servicing of your members.