Practical help on delivering successful and integrated digital services to your members

Expectations from members have increased dramatically in recent years, putting pressure on Membership Bodies to compete or get left behind. Facing demands for personalised content, more online self-service and mobile access, many membership bodies are asking, “How do we get ahead without incurring high costs, while still doing our day jobs?”

The benefits of modern member engagement systems are clear:

  • Personalisation improves relevance to members, increasing retention and revenue
  • Feedback loops give you improved understanding of member needs, leading to targeted services, cross-sell and up-sell
  • Streamlined services save time and money
  • They enable more flexibility to bring new offerings to market
  • Improved business insight allows proper strategic management

The problems we looked at

Too many membership bodies have a combination of cultural and technical problems that create barriers to staying competitive. The result is declining member engagement, relevance and revenue. 

Many membership organisations are asking …

  • What does modern member engagement look like? What should I be aiming for?
  • Do I upgrade my current systems, evolve them, or replace them?
  • What about integrating my CRM, website, and campaign email systems?
  • How much does marketing automation and personalisation matter?
  • What cultural changes are required?
  • What is the rest of the sector doing?

This webinar provided answers to the above and allowed you to hear how other organisations are addressing the challenge. 

Webinar recording

Event details

Type: Webinar

Date: Tuesday 11th October

Time: 9.30-10.30am

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