Introducing smart engagement.

Connecting digitally with your stakeholders is vital if you’re to deliver your engagement, attraction and retention aims

To prove your value, modern membership projects must cover seamless website integration, social media engagement, member communities, personalised marketing, feedback and surveys. 

In this webinar dive into the topics below: 

  • What does ‘smartengagement’ look like?
  • Understanding what digital means to your members
  • Where to get started with modern digital engagement
  • Engagement scoring - Learn how to measure and evaluate your use of digital tools
  • How to make use of what you already have
  • Do I need to consider a mobile app?
  • What about the new world of AI-driven engagement?

 Come and hear how other non-profits have implemented their digital engagement strategies .

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Event details

Type: Webinar

Date: Tuesday 26th March

Time: 9.30-10.30am

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