Choosing the right supplier is vital for your project – so you need to know how to do it 

Your software supplier is the foundation of your project – choosing the wrong supplier, or finding yourself in dispute, means your project is doomed.  So why is this stage approached so casually? Partly it may be because we are all used to buying things – so we think we know how to choose a supplier.  

But do we consider how we attract and select the best suppliers? What do they look for in an effective selection process?

The reality is that the selection process needs a structured and disciplined approach to make sure there are no misunderstandings about money, resources, timeframes, joint-workload and a dozen other areas.  No wonder it so often goes wrong! 

About the webinar

In this workshop we will take a practical approach to getting it right, and also cover the supplier perspective on effective selection. We will cover: 

• What your internal selection team should look like 

• How to choose which suppliers to include or exclude from your process 

• How many stages do you need in your process? Is it three, is it seven? 

• How to evaluate suppliers and flush out misunderstandings  

• How to get everyone on the same page for decision-making and supplier selection 

 Join us for some practical help and advice on how to get it right 

Event details

Type: Webinar

Date: Tuesday 20th August

Time: 9.30-10.30am

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