26 Sep 2022

We have big problems, we just don’t know what’s causing them!

The reality is that these areas are all connected, so how can you tell where to invest your efforts to get real improvement?
We know, for instance, that great websites need great data to be personalised. But how do you improve your data if supporters aren’t engaging with your website?
And how can you send personalised comms, if you don’t know anything about your supporters?
It’s all a bit chicken-and-egg, and people don’t know where to start.
We can help you see where you stand, and it will only take 5 minutes.
smartimpact has created a free AI-driven online resource that asks some really smart questions about 4 key areas - supporter experience, data, systems and processes.
You get an onscreen report in minutes, and the personalised results can be surprising.
Take your free 5-minute Charity CRM Health Check now so you know how to get started on making improvements.

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