Whether your remit is campaigning, lobbying, advising, training or education, make sure you effectively support your members’ strategic development and promotion.

Don’t just grow your membership, make sure each member can thrive. Meet all your membership needs, across all departments, while at the same time improving your business processes.


Bring your members together

It’s all about networking and bringing your members together through events, groups, committees and shared areas of interest. As a key benefit to your members, ensure they are able to serve on committees, engage in networking groups and network with peers in a similar industry.

Enable them to learn and share best practices, receive and contribute to industry updates and gain valuable specialist industry knowledge.

With effective, modern tech, you will be able to:

  • Attract, engage, recruit and retain
  • Provide members with access to the right resources at the right time
  • Create new monetisation opportunities through new products and services

With our online self-service systems, you can:

  • Connect your members so they can network and collaborate with their professional community
  • Provide them with easy, secure access to important member information and resources
  • Improve and encourage their buying experience by providing personalised, quick e-commerce, payment and subscription options

Solutions for trade associations

We chose smartimpact because they understand the needs of associations. smartimpact impressed because they genuinely wanted to deliver a system that solves our business problems, rather than one that simply meets the spec. As a result, the new system is so much more user-friendly and information-rich and a great platform to build our future services on.

Marketing Communications Manager, BEAMA